Professional Services

If there were a one-stop advisory on golf in Asia, it would be called Lip Ooi. He has managed and designed golf courses in several countries. He has captained Team Singapore in the Prudential Causeway Trophy. He has been the voice and face of golf for many television viewers, hosting regular programmes and bringing the thrills of Augusta Masters to their living rooms.
Above all, however, Lip has introduced the joys of golf to hundreds of players – from weekend hackers to elite athletes – for nearly 25 years. Using the fundamentals of Ben Hogan and coaching philosophy of the legendary Bruce Lee as a bedrock, he helps golfers build on their own DNA, customising his teaching to the needs and ability of the player.
An eye for the game and an ability to communicate in at least five different languages and dialects has helped Lip reach out and spread the game and its message. He runs his own golf consultancy that advises corporate entities, equipment manufacturers and industry players in the region

Lip offers the following professional services:

  • Golf Travel (Customized Vacations, Coaching, Camps)
  • Golf Commentary / Speaker (TV, Events, Seminars, Clinics)
  • Golf Club Management Consultancy
  • Social Media Marketing – exposure to golfers/industries
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Golf Project Feasibility Study
  • Golf Academy / Range Set-up & Management Consultancy
  • Professional Golf Coaching (All Age Groups & Skill Levels – Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner)
  • Golf Writing – Instructional Articles
  • Golf Events Consultancy (Tournaments, Seminars, Clinics)
  • Golf Course Design & Project Consultancy
  • Golf Handicapping & Tournament Management

Download Lip Ooi’s Consultancy & Commentary profile here:
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