Holistic Approach

Lip’s holistic teaching methodology uses:
  • Teaching Philosophy of the famous guru Bruce Lee: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle.” Lip will enhance your skills based on your “Golf DNA”!
  • Ben Hogan – based on the legendary golfer’s swing concept and fundamentals
  • GCquad Launch Monitor & Total Range system by ForesightSports – industry leader in golf coaching tech with stereoscopic vision technology that provides digital images and data of the club and ball, making learning effective and fun!
  • Holistic Golf = Swing Technique, Mental, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Life Skill
  • Video Swing Analysis – to enhance the learning process using high-speed camera and providing swing video drills for students’ review and enhance visual learning
  • Effective drills, practice methods and motion analysis – for various faults and fixes, making it “SIMPLE” with proven results!

… your learning sessions will be fun, exciting, easy to understand, positive effect and enjoyable! 🙂

PROVEN RESULTS with over 4,000 golfing students in the region! Contact Lip for a holistic learning and online learning experience!
Download Lip Ooi’s Coaching profile in PDF file here: Lip Ooi Coaching Profile 教练资料 Mar2018

Collaboration with the Best in Fitness Training, Sport Nutrition & Golf Physiotherapy/Chiropractic
Golf fitness and physiotherapy helps you to overcome physical limitations such as poor flexibility, control and strength that are important for golf. It helps you to improve technically and minimize the risk of injuries. Training not specific to the game of golf may not only be ineffective but detrimental to the individual resulting to injuries. It is therefore crucial that you work with people who understand your game of golf.
To ensure a truly holistic learning experience for students, Lip collaborates with the best in fitness training and golf physiotherapy – the Singapore Bone And Joint Clinic. Lip works closely with these specialized golf physiotherapist/chiropractor to ensure your golfing and physical progress are closely monitored at all times, leading to faster improvement and recovery.
On the mental aspect of golf, Lip works with two very experience sport psychologist specializes in golf performance. They are Lim Han Ee from Emerge Performance and Dr. Jay-Lee Nair. Lip believes in incorporating mental skills and drills in his teaching, even for the beginner golfers, as it enhance the effectiveness of learning.